We have undertaken many projects for Government, from brochure and web copy to content & television. Campaigns such as Better State of Health – 12 month press campaign for DHS. Go for your Life – print campaign for DHS – Facts Sheets for Emergency Dept’s. Department of Health – Cancer Action Plan Campaign. Creative Outlet Came up with the idea of using the Delta Goodrem ‘Strong’ and negotiated for Delta’s involvement, (A cancer victim herself).

Creative Outlet provides communication campaigns that bring about behavioural change. 

We’ve worked on many projects for large, complex government organisations,

And, of course, government business, by its very nature, involves more stakeholders than any other.

So we are well adapted to the complexities of a large organisation.

At Creative Outlet, we believe to achieve attitudinal and behavioural change we must make an emotional creative connection with Australians.

The key for us is in tapping into and expanding on key insights that people think and feel, on the broader issues of proposed projects.

By discovering and portraying these engaging insights, we are able to deliver more successful outcomes.


Our knowledge in the use of real people in real situations creates warm, empathetic and engaging communication vehicles.

Even our use of music has been noted as one of our key strengths in making sure our advertising is not only engaging but also very memorable.

Contact us.

Level 1/155 Fitzroy Street

St. Kilda VIC 3182



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