GMHBA ‘Looking after you everyday’

GMHBA Health Insurance continued its successful push into Metro markets, with the new ‘Looking after you everyday’ campaign that builds on it’s iconic ‘We’re for people not for profit’ theme.

Campaign Results:

Changed the perception that GMHBA was a small player in the PHI market

Created a brand and retail presence that established GMHBA as a desired provider of choice for affordable and relevant family health cover.

Built brand salience that drove conversion through online purchase channels.

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Clean Energy Week

Creative Outlet is proud to be involved with the Clean Energy Week for the third successive year.

Using multiple executions, the ‘Energy at the Crossroads’ digital and press campaign targets large companies and business leaders.

The campaign also involves an interactive component, where delegates can create and see their own headlines online.

Ant Shannon “We loved getting involved in something that will help bring about a positive environmental change.”