GMHBA #PeopleNotProfit

“The most pleasing part of this journey has been that Shannon & Co have quickly connected with our brand and found a creative way to help us take our story to a larger audience.

The ads have resonated strongly with everyone as they strike at the heart of our not for profit ethos. We’re proud of it and we’re excited about the results.”  

Matt Vagg – Marketing Manager GMHBA

GMHBA Online Quotes have increased +90.91%

New members joined GMHBA (direct sales) +52.5%.


Using the campaign theme of #PeopleNotProfit,  Creative Outlet with Shannon & Co produced a brand switching campaign for GMHBA Health Insurance. 

This was GMHBA’s first foray into the Melbourne metro market, integrated across multiple mediums, radio, print, POS, digital and social media.

Screen Shot 2014-05-29 at 8.40.17 am

While the campaign needed to build awareness, ultimately it had to contain compelling retail messages that delivered cut through.  

GMHBA’s new brand ambassador Cameron Ling and the community are key elements in the campaign. representing both a regional connection and brand essence.  

By using a production set up of multiple cameras and a nimble crew, Creative Outlet was able to shoot material for extra product versions on a limited budget.

Launch TVC


Behind the scenes


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