Victorian Government – ‘Shine’ – Confidence in government schools campaign

‘Government schools are giving students every opportunity to shine. The ‘shine’ campaign highlights examples of fantastic and innovative teachers, the many options available to students, state of the art school buildings and community partnerships in Victorian government schools’.


The ‘Shine’ Campaign developed by Creative Outlet involved small print ads, brochures and copy for website, through to TV campaigns.

Creative Outlet added to the uplifting message by using the emotive Shannon Noll song ‘Shine’, which resonated strongly with the audiences, both kids and parents.

We have had considerable experience in working with non-actors.  Our knowledge was invaluable in getting convincing and empathetic performances from people such as school children, parents, teachers and principals.

Knowing the reality of shooting in places like schools, we always work with two cameras to capture the special moments that can lift a TV commercial out of the ordinary and make an emotional connection with the audience.

Our use of multiple cameras also helps clients achieve great results on smaller shoot days.

Launch TVC


Early childhood



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